Greetings from the Midwest . . .

I’m Tom Gentry. Welcome to The Manifest.

I used this title for a clear and simple reason which will become apparent to you should you stick around. Until then, think: my life, my work, my heart and soul, my Self, with a capital S, brought forth and made manifest.

You may already know me or know some things about me. Here, in this place, if you so choose, you can learn more – you can know more of me. My commitment to you, if you follow me here, is that I will show up. I will give of myself. Whatever I publish here will be a true and genuine reflection of me.

One thing I love about this platform is that I can do whatever I want with it. I can write about whatever I want. I can write about the people and the things I love. I can write about what troubles me in this world. I can share my thoughts and experience; write about some of the lessons I’ve learned so far. The stories I have to tell – I can tell them here. But, know that whatever I write here or say here, the purpose will be two-fold – to, in some small way, make your life a little bit better, and, in doing so, to know myself better.

Whatever brings you here, I’m glad you made it. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you stay, and together, we become something bigger and better than we could be alone.




Tom Gentry
Tom Gentry is the host of The Path to Authenticity. He’s spent over 20 years working with those affected by substance-use disorders and related concerns. He facilitates groups focusing on manhood, emotional literacy, and the relationship with self.